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Silver (now Newton) has been adopted!

Silver (now Newton) w/RS (CCR #1079)
Maine Coon Mix / Domestic Medium Hair
Silver-gray on white

Silver and his brothers and sister were plucked from an unrewarding life in a local auto salvage yard. Taken in for 'rehabilitation' a little older than we usually take kittens, our instincts were rewarded as they all were easy to handle right off the bat. We could not see returning them to their harsh beginnings in the great outdoors. None of these kittens (Silver, Sammy, Sunny, Sassy) has ever done anything more overt than hiss while becoming accustomed to life with humans...and Sunny has never even done that.

Silver remains a little guarded, is cautious and quiet until he gets to know you, and still might greet you with a hiss when in his cage...which he seems to think means, 'Hi there, pet me, pick me up, bring on the feather wand!' He becomes more relaxed and used to interacting with people each day, likes being petted, and studiously checks emails daily on his fosterer's lap, nose tucked under her elbow, purring up a storm. And, as proof of his gentle nature, we have no difficulty clipping his nails! Having begun life in stark, bleak surroundings, with only dirt clods as playthings, Silver has learned to enjoy little balls and toy mice, and loves batting at dangling objects in his cage while luxuriating in his hammock.

Silver is a gorgeous guy, with a glistening, silken white and gray medium-length coat, plumed tail, tufted ears, and greenish eyes. He certainly gives the impression of having some Maine Coon ancestors, but is an undeniably darling kitten on his own, as you find him, without needing to attribute physical resemblance to a particular breed. This charming fellow deserves a place in your home, where he can fully relax and give you his heart, possibly in the company of your friendly kitten or young, playful cat.

The Fine Print — While Community Cat Rescue would love to make our adoptable cats and kittens available to everyone, everywhere, we must limit our adoption service area to San Francisco Peninsula cities and towns. We simply do not have the volunteer-power or financial resources to make home visits (required for all adoptions), delivery of adopted cats/kittens and follow-up visits outside the Peninsula. An occasional, rare exception might be made, but it is not the rule.


Did you know black kittens have the hardest time finding homes, despite their wonderful personalities?  So give them a look, because adoption fees for solid black or black and white kittens are only $25. All kittens are spayed/neutered, microchipped with lifetime registration, tested for FIV/FeLV, and vaccinated too. 

THE FINE PRINT – Adoptions limited to Peninsula locations. Exceptions possible.

Silver (now Newton) w/RS (CCR #1079)
Silver (now Newton) w/RS (CCR #1079)
Silver (now Newton) w/RS (CCR #1079)
Silver (now Newton) w/RS (CCR #1079)