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Emerson has been adopted!

Emerson w/RS (CCR #1089)
Siamese Mix
Flame Point, ivory with orange points & tail

Emerson presented himself to a homeowner's doorstep on his namesake street, hungry, tired and lonely. With the help of a neighbor, who happened to be a humane agency's representative, we were contacted and our volunteers went and trapped the skittish kitten in the rescuer's garage.

Emerson quickly left his street ways behind him, is no longer skittish, now loves petting, lapsitting and interactions with people, as well as playing with toys. Did we say playing? This kitty lives to play: bats around his toy mice and balls like Pele, works out on his A-frame scratcher, and really likes to flex his muscles even though he has a lithe, youthful build. Emerson is a lovely, charming funster...and who can resist those gorgeous, sky-blue eyes?!

The Fine Print — While Community Cat Rescue would love to make our adoptable cats and kittens available to everyone, everywhere, we must limit our adoption service area to San Francisco Peninsula cities and towns. We simply do not have the volunteer-power or financial resources to make home visits (required for all adoptions), delivery of adopted cats/kittens and follow-up visits outside the Peninsula. An occasional, rare exception might be made, but it is not the rule.

THE FINE PRINT – Adoptions limited to Peninsula locations. Exceptions possible.

Adoption fees remain reduced through February: only $15 per kitten or cat. 

Emerson w/RS (CCR #1089)
Emerson w/RS (CCR #1089)
Emerson w/RS (CCR #1089)