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Gigi has been adopted!

Gigi w/RS (CCR #1100)
Maine Coon Mix / Domestic Medium Hair
Brown mackerel tabby

Gigi is a beautiful Maine Coon-type, medium-hair, brown tabby with a fluffy tail and  greenish-amber eyes. She came from a colony of feral cats in the South Bay.

Gigi looks right through you with her big, intelligent eyes, listening intently to your every word. Once she knows you, Gigi will be happy to spend endless hours in your lap, purring while you stroke her gorgeous fur, but she definitely needs some 'warming up' time.  She loves the people she knows and trusts but is wary around strangers. 

One of her new favorite things is...water!  She is fascinated by water, and likes to spend time near (or in) the sink just in case the water makes an appearance.  She also turns into a snugglebug at night, and would like to sleep in bed with you (if that is permitted). 

Gigi gets along well with other cats, especially male cats.  Until he was adopted, a kitten named Victor was her companion and sidekick, and they loved to chase, play kitty-soccer and wrestle a bit.  But since Victor moved on to his new home, Gigi has shown that she can be equally happy as the only cat in the household, and she enjoys getting 100% of the attention from her family.  However Gigi would not be suitable in a home with young/small children.

The Fine Print — While Community Cat Rescue would love to make our adoptable cats and kittens available to everyone, everywhere, we must limit our adoption service area to San Francisco Peninsula cities and towns. We simply do not have the volunteer-power or financial resources to make home visits (required for all adoptions), delivery of adopted cats/kittens and follow-up visits outside the Peninsula. An occasional, rare exception might be made, but it is not the rule.


Did you know black kittens have the hardest time finding homes, despite their wonderful personalities?  So give them a look, because adoption fees for solid black or black and white kittens are only $25. All kittens are spayed/neutered, microchipped with lifetime registration, tested for FIV/FeLV, and vaccinated too. 

THE FINE PRINT – Adoptions limited to Peninsula locations. Exceptions possible.

Gigi w/RS (CCR #1100)
Gigi w/RS (CCR #1100)